Exterior Detail

This includes pressure washing the         exterior of the car including wheels and tires, hand wash of exterior surface with soap,wax, trim refresher, wheel well       darkening, and tire treatment for that    nice black look.


Engine Detail

This includes pressure washing the         engine and engine compartment,           degreasing the engine and engine          compartment, and refreshing the trim    around the engine.


Paint Refreshening

This includes going over all exterior        paint with a buffer and compound to       remove surface scratches and brighten  the shine of the paint.  We will also          restore your headlights so that they are shining bright again.  This option also      includes the exterior detail package.


Headlight restorations

If you headlights are dull and not shining as bright as you would like, we offer a     headlight restoration service.  This is an add on to the exterior detail or a stand   alone service. (This is including with the paint refreshening)



Interior Detail

This includes vacuuming all carpet in the passenger compartment and trunk,         vacuuming the seats (if cloth), removal  of light stains in carpet or seats, cleaning all surface areas in the passenger             compartment, a special UV protectant  on the dash and tops of door panels, and cleaning interior glass, and Fabreze         spray.


Stain Removal

For heavy stains or stains that have set    long, we offer an add on service to           remove them from your carpet and        seats.


Air Refreshener

For vehicles with odor issues, we offer    an add on service to refreshen the            interior of your vehicle including the      heat/ac vents.


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